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#128893 - This then led to my explosion and I damn near knocked over the furniture encased aquarium as my load of cum was jettisoned at the speed of light up and on to her bed. So I started experimenting with drugs to see if she would be more open to my suggestions, like slutty nighty stuff for bed but she was not having any of my perverted desires. Well I turned on the television, then went into the bedroom where my wife was sound asleep closed her door and went back to the sun-room The coke makes me think of nothing but sex and I was up for the next six to ten hours, so I grabbed one of my porn magazines from under the couch and lay there with my hand down my pants just going to town, pulling and moaning until finally I dropped the jeans and now I had full access to rip my dick apart and when your doing coke it takes a lot of physical activity to stimulate an erection.

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Kouwan seiki
So sexy
Reina koseki
A s m r plz
Takumi kisaragi
Its like im watching cows fuck and not in a sexy way at all